2.1.1 Chrome audit panel

As we saw in the networking exercises, the Chrome developer tools give us a powerful auditing profile.

The Web Page Performance audit analyses your critical rendering path, and gives you best practice suggestions on how to optimise your load performance. More specifically ensuring CSS is the only resource on your path.

Audit panel

Run the audit on a couple of pages to see the suggestions it gives you.

Audit suggestions

2.1.2 PageSpeed Insights

As well as the auditing inside Chrome developer tools, Google also provides an online service Insights that performs a more in-depth analysis on your website. It is also extremely good at offering advice to optimise your critical rending path.

Insights URL bar

Once you have ran the test, view the information provided in the section titled "Speed". It should details the blocking resources which are preventing fast rendering of your above-the-fold content.

Insights speed information