About me

I am a developer, speaker & organiser living and working in London, England.

Specialising in crafting rich, usable interfaces and applications that can scale on demand and are accessible across all devices. Having worked with clients ranging from small startups to large multi-nationals including: Standard Chartered, SPAR, Holland America Line & Imagem, I have a deep understanding that each problem requires its own bespoke solution, allowing me to be agile and adapt to new technologies.

When not sat in front of a screen I am an active member of the London web development community, regular attendee of meetups, user groups and conferences (I even organise one). A keen cyclist, mountain lover and pragmatist.

Skills & expertise

Professional capabilities
  • Application planning and documentation
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing & Rapid prototyping
  • Writing modular, reusable code using modern design patterns
  • Test driven development methodologies
  • Strong knowledge of W3C specifications and guidelines
  • Mobile performance and optimisation
  • Semantic (X)HTML & HTML5
  • CSS(3) - including pre-processors and OO principles
  • Javascript - including jQuery and many graphical & MVC based frameworks
  • PHP - Symfony and multi templating engines
  • Node.js
  • Scala
  • LAMP stack management and CLI driven tools
  • AWS
  • Version control - Git, SVN
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • IDE's: IntelliJ,Sublime, Coda, Vim, & Eclipse
  • Virtual machines and CLI interfaces
  • Database management: SequelPro, phpMyAdmin & MySQL workbench


Senior client-side engineer

The Guardian

Building and maintaining the Guardian's core codebase, with specific focus on the new responsive platform. Helping to explore, recommend and exploit new technologies in disseminating news online. Working with stakeholders to recommend best practices in implementing editorial and commercial ideas.

Lead front-end developer


Overseeing all client-side design and development at every stage of the project lifecycle, ensuring it is delivered at the highest standard. Responsible for choosing the right technologies and architecture for each individual solution whilst crafting user experiences that are accessible to all users across all devices.

Front-end developer


Responsible for designing and developing rich user interfaces using latest web standards and technologies.


London Sencha Touch user group

Responsible for organising a bi-monthly event for Sencha Touch users and developers. Sourcing speakers across a diverse range of topics and hospitality on the night.

Front-end developer


Undertaking short and long term projects outside of full-time employment for agencies and small businesses.